The green initiative tour

As stated in its mission statement at birth, that is to mobilise, educate, inspire and empower youth across the country to help reduce climate crisis by making their voice heard by all, the Ghana Youth Climate Coalition (GYCC)  realised to make this mission a reality there was the need to target young minds who were in the opinion of the executive body of GYCC  able to accept the concept of climate change and were able enough physically and mentally to take on the challenges of awareness creation. In the light of this mission statement, the executive body embarked on a citywide awareness creation tour dubbed the green initiative tour. This awareness creation campaign is an on-going process that takes GYCC to selected educational institutions across the Kumasi metropolis. The purpose of the tour is to bring to light the reality of climate change to students and tasking them to become agents of change.

Our presentation covers a brief introduction of GYCC to the audience followed by an introduction into what climate change is, the human factor in climate change, measures to control climate change as well as an appeal to the audience to join the movement for a healthier safer greener future.   Not to be all talk, a climate change movement is setup in every institution receptive enough to the GYCC team covered under the tour in order to gather members for the climate coalition. These movements are described as the GYCC clubs. The aim of these clubs is to sustain interest of young people in their respective institutions on the issues of climate change.

Currently GYCC has three active clubs in Prempeh College, Kumasi Anglican Senior High School and T.I Ahmadiya Senior High School. The aim of these clubs as stated above is to serve as a youth representation of the climate change voice within the various institutions. It is the vision of the executive body of GYCC to spread these youth clubs throughout various senior high schools in Kumasi, the Ashanti region and Ghana at large. We believe by instilling the need for environmental and climate activism among the leaders of tomorrow are we making an effort in the struggle to contain climate change. The clubs have elected local executive bodies amongst themselves and have a termly calendar of activities to follow. It is the wish of the executive body to occasionally gather various club leaders on the trends of climate change for onwards education of members.

The green initiative tour is still an on-going process and would be covering the various tertiary institutions as well as spreading its wings to more senior and junior high schools within the coming year.

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