World Environmental Day Celebration

The Ghana Youth Climate Coalition (GYCC) led by Mr.Jamal Musah(Founder) in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency and the forestry division – Tarkwa, took part in the world environmental day celebration in Tarkwa (western region of Ghana) on 5th June,2014. Participants from the University of Mines Basic School, Tarkwa senior high school and the biodiversity club of Fiaseman Senior High School were on hand to join in the celebration. At the event, students were educated on climate change issues as well as other environmental challenges facing us as a nation. Students were encouraged to get involved in activities such as tree planting exercises, proper recycling of waste materials, as well as campaigns for the use of energy efficient appliances and materials and also take an active voice in propagating the truth of climate change and environmental degradation and illegal mining activities in their local communities.
It is the vision of GYCC to have a total “greenification” of urban areas through the planting of more trees in the cities and towns .The first of many, Twenty (20) trees were planted at the university of mines Basic School with the school administration and students., and one hundred and forty (140) trees were also planted at both the old and new municipal hospitals of Tarkwa Municipality. It is our hope to get involved in further tree planting activities within the Kumasi Metropolis with the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly KMA.
A day such as the world environmental day accords us the platform to further spread our message, even if for one day be heard as environmental activist. We do this by mobilizing the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow to get involved. Most at times the response is not what we expect but we believe and know that as we continue to pursue this agenda more people are likely to get on board for us to do what we can to save our environment from destruction at our own hands.
We at GYCC are involved in what we are doing because we have been inspired by what we came to see around us. That is the different species of animals and plants, the long flowing rivers and beautiful natural landscape of the earth as well as the evergreen rain forest and the year round seasonal changes we have come to love and gotten accustomed to. We are therefore saddened at the drying up or water bodies the extinction of some animal and plant species as well as the constant depletion of our rich forest which is currently changing the environment we know to something worse off. We therefore want to give the opportunity to future generations to be able to experience a green environment just as we have and not an uninhabitable one like the one we foresee if we do not act now on the factors leading up to it.